Tuesday, July 7, 2015

harlyn's two

There she is people, our baby girl in all her two year old glory.
Take it in, every last bit of her.
Sidenote: if I can teach you anything about my sometimes seemingly strange camera shots it is this: I'm not overly concerned with faces, I am in the market for all those other often times overlooked tiny details. Hence the reason 3 out of the 11 photos above feature her looking at the camera. Don't mistake me, I love her face too but I also adore her tiny ankles, the way her little hands are holding that flower, the side profile that shows off her protruding upper lip and the little bridge above her nose, the small dent at the back of her neck and the way I can never get her pigtail part straight because she only grants me 30 seconds to do her hair, or that way she crouches down with her little butt just an inch off the ground and the loving way in which she holds and cares for her so very precious babies.

These are the things I never EVER want to forget.  It's these little things that entice us to sneak in her room once she's asleep to lay one last kiss on the bridge above her nose, or the reason why we grab her hand just to feel its tiny weight in ours, and the constant excuse Brad and I have for meeting eyes and proudly declaring how adorable our daughter is.

If you need further proof, which I don't think you do...

Any kid this cute that likes cheese and farts on demand has my heart already.

And that cute little outfit featured in the series of photos from above was courtesy of world's greatest Nana. That was the first of many outfits Nana has now lovingly made for Harlyn, and I mean it when I say I love seeing my daughter dressed in something made by my Mother.


Jason and Brittany said...

Love her. Miss her.

Anonymous said...

Awe...thanks sweetie. I love seeing her face when I have made her something new.

Lorna Whitehead said...

Beautiful little lady. We love our Harlybell.