Friday, October 9, 2015

rohn 1 month

Today is the ninth.

Tomorrow the tenth.

And therefor Rohn will be 2 months old in one short day and if I don't post this now it will fall under the eternally growing category of yet another thing I managed to NOT do on time... a thing which Mister Rohn knows alot about; he who arrived 3 days past his expected due date. And yes, I am still bitter about that and no I do not intend to stop nursing him 3 minutes late for every meal as retribution.

Fair is fair.

While I am still bitter about him making me wait those extra days to meet him, I must admit those three additional days in womb really straightened him out. I like to think of it as a long weekend in boot camp, with my uterus as active drill sergeant who released him only until she got all the kinks worked out. And boy did she ever, this baby is perfect.
.... although he does still poop. So, correction: he's darn near perfect.
Did you catch that bit about him being my best nurser? Don't make me smile, a good nurser has my heart. And that round baby belly... awwww lets not get me started. Obviously I love this boy and he is just the most almost perfect ending to our family growing era.
I cant wait to see what 2 month old Rohn is like...
... tomorrow. Oh the tiny benefits of procrastination.