Monday, November 9, 2015

rohn two months old

I would like to come off as one of those totally lovingly-sad and sappy Moms who mourn the loss of their babies' newborn'ness but frankly Mama keeps it real and I just don't feel that way. Do not mistake me, I loved Rohn-newborn-version. And when he cried I held him. And when he was hungry I fed him. And when he pooped I changed him. And I never spanked him. So all in all I rocked that phase, but I was ready for a heartier child. Introducing Rohn 2.0. He's no longer a baby sized log laying in various areas of the house, now this log also smiles. And often times, its caused purely by the sight of my face and I love that because it makes me feel pretty.


But also seriously. A smile from Rohn right when I wake up has me feeling like makeup just isn't necessary... then I look in the mirror and realize his smile just lied to me... or maybe its just a smile and I'm reading too much into it.

anyway. My beautiful baby is two months old.

Do you see that smile? Lets just say, if he wants a car on his 15th birthday-- and not one of those janky fixer uppers his Dads gonna try and get him into, but like a new car with automatic locks and tinted windows... well if he keeps up that smile he just might get it.
Assuming of course, he doesn't develop an attitude problem.

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Jason and Brittany said...

Who gives a car to a 15 yr old? Keep smiling Rohnie, apparently its making your mom delusional.