About Me

I'm a mom.

This is a mommy blog. 

Yes,  another mommy blog.

If you don’t have children you took a wrong turn somewhere and I urge you to leave now so I don’t become attached to you and end up bear hugging your leg and screaming for you to never leave me as you try to push the back button…

You should also know I like intentional run-ons.

So if you don’t have kids you will in no way find anything here of any relevancy to your own life. Unless of course you too hate wearing pants, then we will greatly have that in common.

I have a husband. His name is Brad, and while yes his name is on the header of this blog you will never hear from him. But he too works hard at bringing up our babies so I only found it fair to include him. I am not here to hurt feelings. Smiles are what I am after.

[If you wanna know how we met click here.  That link will also take you to my very first post.]

We have kids. Our kids are the best.

Top notch. 

Khage is three. He loves his Daddy. He likes me plenty, but he would sell me down the river if that meant having more time with Brad and a lot less time with me. He talks a lot. Too much sometimes, but we won't tell him that. I did once and it hurt his feelings, so from now on it's our little secret. 

Oh that's my husband on the bike with Khage. Told you I had one, a husband. Not a bike. I never told you I had a bike. And the bike isn't even mine.

Back to my kids...

Next is Harlyn, she just turned one. She is our little sunshine… if sunshine made a habit out of screaming a lot and hitting people in the face. She smiles scary, doesn't have a single interest in talking, is afraid of just about everything and stole our hearts the minute she born. 

The end.

Enjoy my rambles.

There will be many.

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RiverShadow said...

Simply beautiful -- the stories, the pictures and most importantly, the creativity, which is truly Jamee. Love, Dad :-)